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We are the architects of the most comprehensive merchant-digital solution and payment network built to natively handle new age, eco-friendly innovations in the USA, Bahamas, France, Estonia, Lithuania, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Panama, Belize, Malta, Singapore, and Hongkong. Our processes work in alignment with existing networks and the low-cost yet high technology framework makes us the world’s youngest payment network operation. 

Furthermore, our network is powered by our portfolio of licenses which are hard-earned by building trust with financial regulators in over 90 countries. Hence, this combination of regulatory and tech assets is unique and is at the core of our unique value proposition.

Our Vision

Our vision is to focus and understand your requirements to ensure that your business goals  fit your industry’s unique needs and bring growth into your business.


Our Mission

The mission that we uphold is to be the most successful in Digital e-Wallet in Estonia and the  United Kingdom. Thus, we ensure that our clients benefit from our high- quality services.


Our Team

High potential, professionalism, team work and commitment – these are the four main pillars of our experts. We have a team of professionals and have specialized software solution experiences in terms of projects and services.

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