Asset Digitization

Creating tokens to virtually any asset class including currencies and securities.

A secure, scalable, and streamlined solution for issuing blockchain-based digital assets and launching markets

The asset digitization that we provide in many countries such as the USA, Bahamas, France, Estonia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Panama, Belize, Malta, Singapore, and Hongkong are the popularity and emerging use cases of digital currencies that have inspired numerous products and startups to turn to the development of their own coins.

For instance, Digital e-Wallet Crypto’s technology is known for being among the most advanced and invulnerable technologies which is why most products choose to create their tokens on Digital e-Wallet Crypto’s platform.

This is to say that the value of the digital asset to be launched on the blockchain is fixed in the immutable smart contracts. Thus, regular audits will be performed to confirm  if the organization has the physical asset holdings to support the launched digital assets/tokens.

Increase Liquidity.
Access New Capital.
Deploy Rapidly.

Blockchain-based asset digitization technology from Digital e-Wallet Crypto provides clients:

  • The ability to create security tokens, cryptocurrencies, or other digital assets
  • The technology required to access new sources of capital for previously illiquid assets, such as commodities, real estate, luxury goods, and private company shares
  • A platform specifically designed to enable rapid deployment of smart contracts and token issuance
  • The security of a platform that has been battle-tested across 35+ countries
Ewallet Solution Company in Estonia

Delivered Value

  • An experienced token development team
  • Create your own utility token
  • The ability to create your own security token and use it for physical asset digitization
  • Post-deployment support, which will take care of technicalities and let you continue building your business
  • Possibilities of scalable, anonymous or IoT-based integrations
  • Integration with our other solutions to drive user adoption
  • Any other custom-tailored solution according to your needs

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