Credit Unions

Seize the existing opportunity in your international customers’ behaviors.

We’re here to improve your financial life.

Offer a better cross-border payment solution and let Digital e-Wallet Crypto handle the complexity of global compliance, operations, and regulatory requirements. Reap the benefits of customer loyalty, competitive FX rates, and a new source of revenue.

Getting started is fast and easy:

  • Use our web dashboard to upload individual or batch payments, and the better news is, no technical integration required
  • Turn costly cross-border wires into a profitable product offering
  • Speed up transfers and offer real-time and same-day payment capabilities
  • Stay in control of your FX strategy
  • Replace outdated technology and eliminate partnership network fees by upgrading to an innovative platform
  • Provide more transparency to customers with global tracking and advanced reporting capabilities
Money Transfer Software


Plugging into the Open Money Network can reduce the complexity of cross-border payments. Comparably, we make it easy to offer your customers an overseas money transfer service than that of others.

  • Easy Transfers

    Easily move money between your  online savings account and your other accounts, including accounts outside Alliant.

  • Mobile Check Deposit

    Use your smartphone  to make deposits from anywhere.

  • World Coverage

    Earn more on your money with no maximum balance limit

Benefits of Credit Unions

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