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With FinTech companies growing rapidly in the most recent years, money transfer solutions are as important as ever before with companies  being on the rise. Even today, money transfer remains one of the most important aspects of any financial business. 

The largest, fully integrated, worldwide disbursement network for person-to-person money transfer. Integrate with businesses, banks, and payment processors to send money anywhere in the world. With our solutions and experience, we can empower you to compete head-to-head with the largest titans of the industry by offering superior benefits to your own users and customers, thus, the possibilities are indeed endless.

On the other hand, closed-loop payment systems that we have created in the past featured a simple interface, so that the clients would only ever have to enter their phone number/email/unique ID in order to send and receive money/rewards. More so, our digital e-Wallet allows you to choose between sending cash or Bitcoin, and complete transactions instantly — for free.

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Money Transfer Software

Delivered Value

  • Personalized closed-loop payments system
  • Ease to use
  • Highest grade security
  • Increase of customer loyalty
  • Integration with our other solutions to drive user adoption
  • Any other custom-tailored solution according to your needs

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